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STEM Education is an advanced educational concept, which focuses on interdisciplinary study and talents’ innovation ability cultivation. It is able to make up disadvantages of traditional education mode, thereby promoting national economic development and competitiveness of a country. STEM Education originates from the Unite States and has spread out around the western world since the beginning of 21st century. Now, it has been wildly accepted basic education among developed countries. At the same time, quantity of people who are qualified with STEM degrees is considered as one of the most important factors to measure competitiveness of a nation.

STEM Education, as a brand-new educational concept introduced into China, corresponds with the tenet of Strategy of Reinvigorating China through Science and Education. Under the requirement of promoting scientific education, popularizing and localizing STEM education in China is going to be a significant issue.

Shanghai STEM Cloud Center aims to build a professional platform for STEM Education, concentrating on fostering innovation ability of young talents and ability of applying interdisciplinary knowledge into practice.

Shanghai STEM Cloud Center provides STEM Cloud TM services to tackle three main problems, i.e. how to fully implement scientific innovation project, how to study others’ projects and how to use experimental apparatus for research. STEM Cloud TM services contain online STEM courses, Off-line STEM training, STEM literacy out reach and so forth, referring to five disciplines, Bioscience, Material Science, Technology and Design, Earth & Environmental Science along with Social &Behavioral Science in terms of teaching contents.

Shanghai STEM Cloud Center was established with a special group, which consists of winners off airs of highest level in excellent adolescents’ science and technology innovation contests such as Intel International Sciences and Engineering fair in the past 12 years. They perform outstandingly in scientific innovation projects and are the course designers of STEM Cloud Center. Some of the STEM courses published by STEM Cloud Center are designed based on their own projects and STEM learning experience so that to match current educational situation in China.

As the exploration of STEM Education is underway, Shanghai STEM Cloud Center is going to make effort to promote STEM education in China through integrating STEM educational resources.